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Infrastructure and Services

BIW is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure to meet the demands of all sectors within the Wharf. As a result, BIW are providing the investors a fully pledged infrastructure to cater for their requirements to conduct the successful business model.

Master Plan Development:

The Master Plan final issue was published in December 2008. Total number of plots is 164 with the following criteria’s:
• Rentable areas being 1,250,105 Sq.mtrs. representing 73.5%
• Non-rentable areas (open space) is 449,895 Sq.mtrs. representing 26.5%

BIW’s infrastructure and services include various parks/services:

• The Industrial (Logistics and Warehousing) Park is spread over an approximate area of 900,000m2
• The Business Park is spread over an approximate area of 250,000m2
• The Accommodation Park is spread over an approximate area of 120,000m2 and is facilitated to accommodate various levels of workers
• Upscale Hotel and residential apartments to serve BIW guests in an area of 19,000m2
• Associated Services covers an approximate area of 420,000m2


o An efficient well planned traffic network / Roads: Connection of BIW roads to National network is approved. Twelve kilometers (12 km) of different types of roadway widths will be constructed, including sidewalks. Two signalized intersections and seven roundabouts will also be built.

Water (may include possible chilled water for air conditioning)

• Potable Water Network: Eleven kilometers (11 km) of potable water transportation pipes will be laid.
• Storm Water Network: Twenty-Four kilometers (24 km) of storm water collection pipes will be laid.
• Foul Sewer Network: Eleven and One-Half kilometers (11.5 km) of foul sewer pipes will be laid. Some 150 manholes and associated facilities including four (4) lifting stations will also be constructed.
• Irrigation Network: Eight and One-Half kilometers (8.5 km) of irrigation pipes will be laid to irrigate the numerous green open areas, roadway medians and verges.


• Electrical Substations: BSP & City type Substations
• Sixty-One kilometers (61 km) of electricity distribution cables will be laid.
• Connection of the Sub-Stations to National network approved

Street Lighting

Approximately 355 street lighting poles of different types and heights will be erected on the BIW roadway network including more than sixteen kilometers (16 km) of associated electric cabling.

Communication and IT

The state-of-the-art telecom network and associated facilities will comprise the installation of twenty-four kilometers (24 km) of fiber optic cables around the BIW Development. The services offered by BIW Telecom partner varies from the basic telephone and internet service to all other up to date facilities such as building management service, smart building solutions, security solutions, complete IT service, etc.

Facilities Management

To provide timely cost effective facility services based on client’s requirements.

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